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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Skunk's canoe trip

Skunk is a cute amigurumi critter I crocheted using  "Cute Little Dudes - Forest Dwellers vol.3" pattern by Lisa Vanvikaas (hattalahutta). Skunk loves the outdoors!   Every year, my dad and his friends go canoeing in the boundary waters of Minnesota and Canada.  They have been doing this since before I was born.  I have never been on this trip.  For the last two years, my brother Steve has gone with him.  I believe I haven't gone because the portages sound very strenuous!  This year, Skunk decided to go.  Maybe next year I might go... If someone carries the canoe for me on portages!

They saw Native American pictographs on the rocks.  Here is a moose.

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