Small Batch Handmade Soap

Small Batch Handmade Soap
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

More Projects for Planet June's Christmas CAL

The "Merry Christmas" Cactus Garden!
Now my Cactus Garden is updated for the Holidays!
Candy Canes and Christmas Pudding
 Mmmm,  Looks good enough to eat!  But after all that food at Thanksgiving, I'm thankful that this isn't edible.

Christmas Pocket-ami
I fashioned a Girl Elf from June Gilbank's Elf pattern and added an extra Snowman.  I'm proud of  how the Girl Elf turned out! :-)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Baubles for Crochet-Along

I made these for Planet June's Christmas Crochet-Along.  I did the striped and patterned ones.  These are fun to make and give the tree a warm "crocheted sweater" feel to the tree!  I have more crochet-along patterns to do for this contest.
Norfolk Pine ready for Christmas!

12 Christmas Baubles!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yay for glue!

No more loose ends!

BOCG finished! And some loose ends to take care of.

I've finished my Blanket O' Cablely Goodness (BOCG).  It is from 63  Crochet Cable Stitches by Darla Sims.  I've been working on and off on it since Jan. 2010.   Here it is on a queen bed.  Pretty good size!

 I also finished tatting a star. Pattern from Tatting by Cathy Bryant.  A lot of loose ends to deal with.  I'm thinking fabric glue. ;)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tatted Heart!

Tatted Heart!
Ladybug wears a tatted heart edging as a tiara.
Dragonfly wears a tatted edging as a choker.
This is the most complex thing I have tatted so far!  (Don't ask me how long it took :/)  It is from the book Tatting by Cathy Bryant.  At Hobby Lobby in Longmont, Colorado, I found Learn To Tat by Janette Baker.  (And I had a 40% off coupon!)  This book has some cute butterfly patterns that I want to make.  They look fairly easy too :-)  In Bryant's book, she teaches two different methods of tatting- mostly differences in how to hold the shuttle and move it  in and out.  Baker's book teaches "method two".  I learned using "method one".  But once you know how to make double stitches, the rest of Baker's instructions seem good for either method. It comes with a DVD too.  Ladybug and Dragonfly (amigurumi patterns by Hattalahutta) are modeling some other things I have tatted.  Those tatted edgings are also from Tatting by Cathy Bryant.