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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Need instructions!

I got some size 10 crochet thread in white and violet, and one of the tatting books I put on hold at the library came in.  However, this book has zero "how to tat" instructions.  I'm wondering about the very basics and can't even find the answers on the web.  Do you wind the shuttle clockwise or counterclockwise?  What is the top of the shuttle and which is the bottom?  Is the pointy hook thing supposed to face up?  Once I know these things, my next question would be, how do I wrap the thread around my fingers?  I hope some of the other books I put on hold at the library have instructions! :-) 


  1. That thread looks nice! *jealous*

    The pointy side of the shuttle is up. I assume that you're right handed? In that case you hold the shuttle with the point pointing left :)

    Do you have the "Learn to Tat" book on order from the library? It has all the basic instructions, but I'm not sure if a library copy comes with the DVD... Anyway, in the meantime you could check out this page:

    There is a video of how to wind the shuttle, and I think the written instructions should be understandable :)

  2. Thanks! Already the video clips have been helpful! Now I'll be able to wind the shuttle and hold the thread. We'll see what happens next! I'll have to see if any libraries in the greater area have that book.