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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Experimenting with a light box

I haven't been satisfied with the pictures of my amis for my etsy shop so I asked June Gilbank of for advice. She sent me a link to her craft blog on the topic of taking better pictures. There were several links to different sources of light boxes. I decided to go with making my own. The instructions are here. I used a small cardboard box, water color paper, and a cut up white shirt. I bought the work lamp and daylight bulb at the hardware store. I like the results. I just need to build a bigger box! 8"X8" is way to small! And I need to get another lamp and bulb, and some big sheets of bristol paper.
The way I have been taking pictures- on a towel near a window.

Hamster in the light box!  No shadows!  He is a bit cramped in there. You can see the inside edges of the box.

Love birds (without their beaks yet!) in the light box!

Piggy is so cramped!  No room! But I like the lighting.

Hamster next to the light box.

Credits:  I used Hamster and Farmyard Pig patterns by June Gilbank.  The Lovebirds pattern is by Lisa Vanvikaas and is free!

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