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Monday, January 3, 2011

I Won! And some Christmas Presents

I haven't posted yet that I won Planet June's Christmas Crochet-Along and Contest!  There were six patterns to choose from to do for the CAL: Christmas Baubles, Poinsettia, Christmas Pudding, Candy Canes, Christmas Pocket-Ami, and Christmas Trees.  I did the first five out of all six of the patterns-  "stuffing the ballot box" was okay with this contest- as long as each project was from a different pattern. For more info see christmas-cal-roundup-part-1.

So I won a  $10 gift certificate to Planet June's shop and everyone who participated got a discount code for 11% off!  I went nuts shopping at her store and stocked up on patterns.  I definitely went over and beyond the gift certificate and discount.  I have 11 new patterns from Planet June to do- not to mention all of the other patterns I still have from other designers.  Wondering when I will crochet something other than amigurumi?  :-)

For Christmas, my boyfriend got me Star Wars mini amigurumi by Lucy Ravenscar and Yummi'Gurumi by Christen Haden (aka NeedleNoodles) and Mariarosa Sala.  Lots of ami-fun!  I've already done a storm trooper and C-3PO!

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