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Small Batch Handmade Soap
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Going Nuts for Holiday Amigurumi!

 I've really been going nuts for Christmas/ Holiday themed crochet projects!  I love this new Santa!  He's so cute!  And he has a whole bunch of  friends from Cute Little Dudes - Christmas Dudes vol.1 and vol.2 that I want to make. :-) 

Cute Little Santa (pattern by Lisa Vanvikaas aka Hattalahutta on Ravelry and Etsy)
The only modification that I made was to substitute a puff stitch at row 17 instead of single crochet.  This is the same stitch that I used for the border of my Blanket O' Cabley Goodness.
side view!
I really like these Gingerbread Cookies too.  I've been thinking about designing my own in the round instead of rows so there are not two parts to sew together.  I really do like how this pattern turns out though.
Gingerbread Men (pattern by KTBdesigns on etsy)

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