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Small Batch Handmade Soap
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tatting practice

I practiced rings and chains last night.  I'm starting to feel more comfortable holding the thread and manipulating it.  Today, on a whim, I ordered online a cro-tat hook.  Cro-tatting looks fun too.  And since I'm a crocheter, why not?  I've been working on my cable stitch sampler and learning how to tat recently.  When I say I'm addicted to amigurumi, I'm not kidding!  Even though I'm enjoying doing these other things, if I don't make something cute with a face soon I'm gonna go nuts!!  I'm thinking a quick hamster from June Gilbank's new book "Complete Idiots Guide to Amigurumi"  might give me the cute fix I need!  I'm too new at tatting to tat something cute at this point.

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